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We’re far more than just consultants. We’re the trusted partner our clients call first for perspectives on — and solutions to — their business plans and hurdles. We solve problems across the entire enterprise and understand the big picture of how your systems and softwares all need to work together, today and into the future. As much as the software and services we deliver, it’s the relationships we form that allow us to partner with you to truly unlock the potential of your business.


For over 30 year, DSI has been helping business owners and leaders design systems to more effectively and efficiently manage their operations.  From ERP systems to CRM to custom software, DSI has the background to meet your every-changing needs.

New possibilities for your business

While technology is a powerful business-enabler, it can also bring a level of complexity that prevents you from optimizing its use and gaining true bottom-line benefits. We guide you through the staggering number and ever-growing complexity of technology options and help you unlock the transformative power of the best of today’s vast array of options.

Digitech Services Inc.


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Transformative technology for your business

From productivity and efficiency gains to better serving your customers and employees, our experts make sure your critical technologies are functioning reliably and delivering their promised results: fueling your growth by letting you focus on your core business rather than the complex platforms and programs on which it relies.

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